I worked in Unreal and mainly focused on RnD animation with real-time animation functionality. Used Motion Builder and Xsens IMU suits for remote motion capture in the Unreal engine. Applied real-time animation to M+M’s commercials and the CES 2021 event for Hyundai.
The pictures below showcase our interactive experiences that was done during CES 2021. Guests were brought through an experience where they get to create their own character on a kiosk. The guests then see their character live on a LED wall where the their character is animating in real-time and talks and responds to them. At the end of the experience, they get to take a picture with the character as well.

M&M's Work
I worked on creating control-rigs in Unreal that could be used to edit live motion capture data with X-Sens. I had to tweak animations using the control rig and Unreal's animation editing capabilities in editor. The team and I rendered multiple shots for the two scenes below, all at 4k out of Unreal. 
Hyundai x CES 2021 
Our test picture taken in our office.

Me and some of our team members!

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